Thursday, March 18, 2010

The NHL and head shots.

After first watching Alexander Ovechkin knock Hawks D-Man Brian Campbell out for what looks like the remainder of the season on a cheap hit on Sunday, last night James Wizniewski of the Ducks makes a cheap retalitory head check on Brent Seabrook and taking him out of the game. It's not just the Hawks falling victim to this BS, this has been going on all season.

When will the NHL do something about this?  Are they going to wait until a career is ended before they act? The time to act is now, stop talking it over in comittee, Mr. Bettman, grow a pair and do something. The WWE has banned the use of their wrestlers using metal folding chairs on other wrestler's heads, and also the use of "ad-libbed" head shots.

Really? The WW f'n E is being more proactive on head safety than the NHL? The same WWE where guys launch themselves off ladders?

I'm all for hard play and hard hitting, but it is getting ridiculous lately.

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